Currently there is no food store on the island. It's best to bring essential food items and drinking water and then supplement with lobster, baked goods, and the Shaw's Grocery store air delivery service. 

The water in both houses has a very high iron content and tastes pretty bad. It may also stain your clothes if you wash them. There is clear, good tasting drinking water at the bakery and at the church. You can take it free of charge in jugs you bring. Both houses are equipped with back packs for carrying jugs. Matinicus is a very casual/rustic place. Your best clothes and best linens are best left at home.

lobsterkidsFAX Grocery Service

SHAW'S Supermarket in Rockland
, 207-594-8615 has an island grocery service. This is an excellent source of groceries.You can order anything from them. Just fax in your order by 10:00 a.m. at 207 226-4007 and they will box it and send it out on the plane, which will call you before they fly out. FAX machine is provided for you in both houses. The island residents use this service as reliably as we would drive to Shaws.

Lobsters and More

The island can easily supply all the lobster you can handle. Prices the last couple of years has made it Very Inexpensive. There will probably be a notice on the refrigerators in the houses with phone numbers for who to call to order, or go to the Fisherman's Wife gift shop and order from Donna Rogers, or go down to the harbor and talk directly to the lobster buyer or the lobstermen.

The island bakery is in the house of Eva Murray 366-3695. She offers a full line of breads plus cinnamon rolls, whoopie pies, and blueberry pies. There's great brewed coffee there too and the outdoor tap is a clean, clear source of drinking water. (Fill your jugs.) Eva is also a writer of many articles about Matinicus and two books (see sidebar for links). 

bakeryopencafeRaspberries and blueberries are free for the picking.